The Fundamentals of Relationships, Communication, and Business
Guest Speaker: Mahlon D. Meyer
University of Washington, Seattle

Event Information:

Time: October 24, 2014, Friday, 4:00 PM

Location: Denny Hall 216 (The oldest building on campus), Spokane Ln, University of Washington, Seattle, 98105
Organization: Technology and Business Association

Topic: "The Fundamentals of Relationships, Communication, and Business" which contains 3 parts with different activities.


Mahlon D. Meyer is an academic and former journalist specializing in modern Chinese history. He has degrees from Stanford, Harvard, and the U.W., where he taught for many years and at P.L.U. Before that, he was a journalist for a decade in Asia, mostly working as an award-winning correspondent for Newsweek Magazine, covering China and other parts of Asia. He also worked for Chinese satellite television network Phoenix Television(凤凰卫视), appearing on a variety of shows and hosting his own program about current events (马一龙有话). He has published three books, including a novel he wrote in Chinese and a history of the retreat of the Nationalist (Kuomintang) regime to Taiwan after the Chinese Civil War, entitled, "Remembering China from Taiwan." In his teaching, he has worked closely with members of the local Chinese community, collaborating with them to expose students to different points of view.


PART ONE: "The fundamentals of building relationships"
1) What is safety?
2) What is leadership?
3) What is politeness?
4) What is communication? Tips on communication in a business setting.

PART TWO: "Practicing communication as an ethical value"
1) The art of friendship and its applications to business
2) Cultural values and business
3) Specific things you can do to improve your successes as a manager in a corporation
4) The four agreements

PART THREE: "Transitions to business life"
1) "Reframing" the pursuit of money
2) Understanding business as service
3) Belief and business

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