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MassMutual: Financial Investment - Part 1

It was our great honor to have Albert Chang, the director of Multicultural Markets at MassMutual, come to the UW Seattle campus to give a lecture on financial investment and U.S-CHINA stock and real estate markets. In the seminar, hosted on November 12th, 2015, we covered:

  1. The secret behind the 2008 financial crisis.
  2. The situation and price trends of real estate in U.S.
  3. QE1(Round 1 of quantitative easing by the United States Federal Reserve) ~ QE4
  4. Raw Material Price Trend

If you missed our first seminar, there will be two more information sessions, again, held by the Technology and Business Association, with Albert Chang, on November 19th and December 3rd.

Mr. Albert Chang also provided a window for both internship and full-time job opportunities at MassMutual Financial Group and Giant Castle Real Estate at the end of the session.

About Albert Chang:

  • Financial professionals with MassMutual Seattle
  • Director of Multicultural marketing with MassMutual Seattle
  • M.B.A. in Personal Finance
  • Member of MDRT

In addition, special thanks to TOSA and TYAPN for helping us promote this event!

Photo credit: TOSA & TBA

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