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Major 101

Present By TBAUW

Our goal:

Making connections


  • Sharing their unique Husky experiences in respectives to departments
  • Refreshing their memories of their unique college lives
  • Building connections with those who are future potentials of your major
  • Enjoying the interactive experience and gaining the pride of being a Husky and a leader in offering insights to those who are interested in your major


  • Take away from seniors’ application experiences, such as:
  • workloads after being admitted to their majors
  • different types of projects that seniors have done
  • other anecdotes associated with the majors
  • major related resources: clubs, tutoring, project/internship opportunities, etc.

Our Guests:

Foster School of Business:

  • James Housen (Junior)
  • Jennifer Louie (Junior)
  • Becky Su (Graduate)
  • Suxiao Liu (Sophomore)

Information School:

  • Andrea Chen (Junior)
  • Royce Le (Junior)
  • Nancy Tran (Junior)
  • Sim Singh (Senior)

Computer Science and Engineering:

  • Christine Wolf (Senior)
  • Kevin Liang (Senior)
  • Robert Lin (Senior)
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