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Internship Seminar

Hosted by TBA

While looking for internship opportunities, it is a common concern that one could send out many resumes yet fail to get a phone call from the recruiter. To help students to know more about internship hunting and get ready to face the competitive market in industry, Technology and Business Association successfully hosted the internship seminar in HUB at University of Washington on Jan 19th, 2017. The event contains introduction for four guest speakers followed by sharing time. It was our pleasure to have Meredith, Linda, Marina and Jason to talk about their experience and give students helpful advice! Thanks for everyone who attended the event, and a special thank you to our amazing guest speakers!

Information about guest speaker:

  • Meredith Xie: Senior in Human Centered Design and Engineering. She interned at Baidu as UX Designer to work on transition diagram and information visualization. 
  • Linda Yang: Senior in Informatics. She interned at Hitachi Data System as a software engineer.
  • Marina: Sophomore in Computer Science. She is the Teaching Assistant for 2016 Summer School Sociology and EY Online instructor.
  • Jason Qiu: Senior in Accounting. He is the Accounting Assistant at Autel Robotics.
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