East Asia Startup & Cloud Tech Talk
Co-host with Arch for Startup (A4S)
University of Washington, WA
Event Information:
Time: Feb 7th 2015, 2:00PM
Location: Odegaard Library 136
Highlights: Networking and free snacks!
Michimune Kohno, Ph.D.,
Software Engineer, Azure Application Platform Team, Microsoft Corporation.
Mr.Kohno was born in Japan in 1971. He received a computer science doctoral degree from Keio University in Japan. After spending almost 6 years in Sony as a researcher he joined Microsoft Japan with changing his profession to a software engineer, shipped Windows 7. Then he moved to U.S. in 2010, mainly working in the Azure Websites team.
Kai Xia
Software Engineer, Whole Page Relevance Team (Bing.com)
Microsoft Corporation
Mr. Xia received his masters in computer science degree at Carnigie Melon University after obtaining his bachelor degree in information systems at Beijing University. He's worked on numerous projects and has experience with his own start-up. He is currently working at Microsoft as a software development engineer.
Topic: Cloud Technology and Future development
-Famous Business using Cloud services
-Microsoft Azure: creating website
-Technology: Moore's Law, Andy and Bill's Law
-Innovation of third-party apps
-case study: METCLAFE's law
-The arise of O2O online platform
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