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DreambigCareer World Campus U.S. travel -U.W. station Workshop

Hosted by DBC & TBA

Along with DreamBigCareer, Technology and Business Association hosted a workshop on October 14th, 2016 on UW campus . This event is aimed to help students at the University of Washington, especially to international students, to get to know more about big Four, and the work flow within these company. It also helps to pass more information to them about the differences between different companies and different departments. This Info session would help them explore the job opportunity in big Four, helping them grow in college.

Event Schedule:

  • Presenter from DBC makes a brief introduction of his/her company and shares ideas of how its job-hunting service works

  • Instructor from DBC shares recruiting and working experience as well as job-hunting information and skills

  • Questions and answer part for students

  • Resume Tailor part

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