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Cotopaxi Questival @ Seattle

TBA work with Cotopaxi as a volunteer group and campus representative
Event Information:
Questival is a social adventure race that you and your teammates will face as many of over 300 challenges as you would like.There is 24 hour adventure and an 8-hour adventure for you to choose.
There is a pre-event festival that have music and provide food and drink.
Prizes for winners include a trip to Cotopaxi Questival World Championship (24h participants are eligible), local adventure trips, prizes from our sponsors, free gear and much more!
TBA volunteer in Cotopaxi Questival as campus representative to help Cotopaxi with their promotion tour on UW campus. Meanwhile, we also volunteer at their music fest to help them set up the event.
For more information, visit
Our amazing officer volunteering in the Cotopaxi Questival @ Setalle
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