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Case Comp 101

Present By TBAUW & GC3 & Business Impact Group

Introduction to Case Competition:

We will be given a charge, a problem, and we will find out a solution, and convince the judges that it is feasible. So the steps are as following:

1 Read the charge carefully, it might be over 20 pages, with lots of little details. Make sure everyone in the group do read the case.

2 Go to a study room with a white board, let ALL group members brainstorm separately and strategically, set 10 mins aside and write on your own ideas, then put ALL of thoughts on the board. DO NOT shoot down ideas! It is better to spend 4-6 hours choosing the best-fit idea before committing to a certain solution.

3 “Divide and Conquer” process, to delegate each person to different jobs, which are:

  • Research: why my method works? 
  • PowerPoint: to be visually appealing!
  • Finance: how much a whole project will cost?
  • Impact: Why this method?

4 Practice your part and time it, be ready, get a good night of sleep, and wear business professional to presentation. GO TIME!

Case Competition Timeline:

Fall Quarter

  • KPMG KICC, Boeing Case Comp, Russell Investment

Winter Quarter

  • CBDC Consulting Challenge, Global Health Business Case, GCCC Sustainability, Accenture

Spring Quarter

  • GCCC, EY, ABSA, Deloitte

What is the timeline of a case competition of 48 hours?

  • 1-12 hr: Read the charge and decide the idea
  • 13 – 24hr: Research at Foster school database, reading through various reports and articles
  • 23-36 hr: Complete the analysis and begin to work on powerpoint, with Appendix slide
  • 37-48 hr: Run through the presentation for a few times, and get a good rest before presentation

How to read materials effectively?

  1. Think of “3C” aspects: Competitor, Customer, Company; do a summary on the information provided in the charge for these three roles, to decide which one I should do more research on.
  2. Do a SWOT analysis, which is internally Strengths, Weakness, and externally, Opportunities, and Threats.
  3. Do a Decision Matrix, to indicate what other options you have considered? Why you decide to pick your solution but not others?

Resources for making appealing PPT:

Icons: Iconator;

Pictures: Unspash, Visual Hunt, Pixabay, Stacksnap;

Design: Designspiration;

Thanks for the material shared by GC3, Business Impact Group and Angel Chen

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