Career Workshop with Koru:
The 7 Things Companies Want Most from College Grads
Co-host with Kojobs UW
Event Information:
Time: May 4th, Monday, 5:00 - 6:00 PM
Location: Savery Hall(Room 264), University of Washington, Seattle
----Free event with free dinner and Koru swag for students----
How are you going to make an impact and land a job you love? Learn what it takes to land a job at today's most innovative companies like Airbnb, HubSpot, Linkedin, and Zillow. Koru hosted a workshop for UW Technology and Business Association and Kojobs to talk about the 7 things high growth employers are looking for in college graduates.
1. Learn about Koru, and the Koru@UW program running this summer
2. Do a brainstorming activity centered around Design Thinking
3. Talk about The Koru 7, 7 measures of success in the workplace
4. Learn about the S.T.A.R.T framework
5. Deep dive in Grit
Koru, a program that helps juniors, seniors and recent college grads find a career direction that fits with their skills and passions. Koru, one of the most successful startups in the U.S, and has hosted many workshops in Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco.
At Koru, you and your team will work on real projects at real companies. You'll have a professional coach to guide you and give you honest feedback, and you'll walk away with the skills, experience and networks you need to land a job you love.
More information about Koru:
Information about Koru program @ UW:
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