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Biz-Tech Mentorship Program

Present by TBAUW

What do we do?

Biz-tech Mentorship Program is meant to build a bridge between lowerclassmen,

upperclassmen and professionals. The program provides opportunities for students

who are interested in business and technology to form mentor/mentee relationships,

which potentially benefits their undergraduate experiences and future career path.

Who are our mentors?

Why does the program attractive?

For All Mentors:

· Help future elites by passing your knowledge on to the next generation.

· Get fresh minds and new ideas through the communications with your mentees and other mentors.

For Upperclassmen Mentors In College:

· Have a unique experience on your resume.

· Develop a more personal style of leadership.

· Get in touch with professionals.

For Current Professionals:

· Gain reputation among UW students.

· Chance to get free internship/volunteer.

· Acquire a greater understanding of the barriers experienced by college students.

· Contribute to the society by help young adults to become successful in their lives.

· Improve levels of professional success.

· Present your enthusiasm of being an expert, and get a chance to get away from mundane daily routines.

· Expand your network with the mentors and mentees.

What are the following events in our program?

2017 Summer: Information sharing through email every 2 weeks

2017 Autumn: Mid-point Check-in

2018 Winter: Closing Event

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