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Annual Biz-Tech Forum 2018

Project Your Future

Technology and Business Association hosted the annual Biz-Tech Forum at the center of UW campus on February 24.

Over 150 students attended this event. The event featured high quality presentations from Forbes 30 under 30 speakers. TBA also invited many experienced managers and engineers from the technology and business industries as panelists to answer students' questions.

Quoted from an attendee: "I previously thought that working only means sitting in the office for 8 hours each day. Hearing their speeches makes me understand how to live a meaningful day in professional world. I also learned a lot on how to prepare for my future during my college career. The distinct working experiences the panelists share presents us how to become a well rounded person in general."

The networking part of the event is also popular. The room was packed with students eager to connect with the professionals. Over thirty professionals from elite companies in the industry talk freely with the students. There are engineers, accountant, managers, etc., with titles arranging form SDE to CEO. Some professionals even offered internship positions to the attending students, while many more students received the benefit of personal revision of their resumes by the help of the professionals.

Many students discussed their college and career plan with others, saying they feel more clear about their major and career tracks after the event. There are also multiple prizes given out to the attendees thanks to our sponsors. Students also enjoyed delicious dinner with dessert and drinks from our food sponsors.

Thanks again for coming to our event! We hope you enjoyed the experiences you learned through this opportunity we offered. We also appreciate the effort of the speakers, panelists and professionals, as well as our hard-working TBA officers. See you next year at Annual Biz-Tech Forum 2019!

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