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2017 International Biz Tech Forum

Hosted by TBA

With a theme of "Career Awareness", this successful event was aimed to help all students develop their career awareness, build professional connections, and succeed in achieving their goals in the real-world job market. About 150 students attended the forum on Feb 25th, 2017, and twenty experienced professionals are invited to answer questions face-to-face. Attendees had the chance to sit down with those professionals at the dinner followed by the event to build connections or even get a job referral.

Keynote speakers:

Stephen E.Murphy: Senior Advisor of Author
Leslie Short:CEO and President of K.I.M. Media LLC®

Panel speakers:

Shawn Sullivan: CTO at Phase Genomics
Richard Sturman: Founder and CEO of Change Ways
Jesse Tam: Managing Director of Mega Pacific Investments


Alex Chang: Engineer
Tony Chong: SDE at Microsoft
Yanchen Wang: Applied Scientist at Microsoft
Yujia Liu: SDE at Microsoft
Magnus Harsem: Sales Manager at Hainan Airlines
Zhi Huang: SDE at Google
Chinara Satkeeva: Manager between projects at Google
Aaron Rose: CEO at ROI3
CathyZhou: VP and Head of Seattle Business Center at ICBC
Jalen He: Sr. Cloud Architect at Alibaba Group
KatherineLei: Data Analyst at Remitly
Sijing Zhang: SDE at Amazon
Raymond Ko: Pricing Manager at T-Mobile
Isabelle Xu: Staff Consultant at EY
Zeyu Zhang: Senior Consultant at Deloitte
Tawde Yogeshree: Senior Consultant at Deloitte

David Li: Business Analyst
Wesley Chen: Business Analyst

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