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2016 Annual International Biz-Tech Forum

Presented by TBA & KOJOBS

International Biz-Tech Forum is a technology-based and business-related forum opens to all professionals and all majors. This 5-hour event hosted at  HUB Lyceum Ballroom at the University of Washington campus. This forum was tailored specifically toward the topics of job hunting, global market, startup, entrepreneurship, and technology. The main purpose of this event was to help UW students gain experience and knowledge in both academic and industrial fields in order to prepare themselves after they graduate and enter the real job market.

Thanks to our keynotes speakers:

--Kelly Franznick, the CEO of BlinkUX

-- Tim Goggin, the CEO of Sappington.

Also, thanks to our panel speakers:

--Ye Di – Coach and Instructor, CEO of Zhennovate

--John B.Griffiths – Boeing Commercial Airplane Chief Economist

--John Park – Lead project manager at PLANLED

--James Sun – Founder and CEO of, host of BBC television program.

--Farah Abdallah – Senior Manager, Global Customer Experience at eBay Inc.

--Marianne Marck – Former Senior Vice President, Global Retail & Digital Technology at


who provided amazing advices to students about their business and technology field experiences. The after-speech networking event was amazing. Furthermore, thanks to KoJobs, who helped TBA along the way. Last but not least, thanks to all the faculties, students, and professionals who attended the event. For people who did not have a chance to attend the Biz-Tech Forum, we hope to see you in our future events.

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