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    Pathway to Foster

    Application Tips and Journey

    We invited UW alumni and counselors to introduce and share the application journey and tips of popular specializations within the UW business degree in detail to prospective students. Events included two major sections: Guest speakers Panel talk and Round Table Discussions. This event is a great opportunity for freshmen and sophomores as they prepare for their application season. Students learned more about the admission process, requirements and tips for planning their classes leading up to the deadline.

    First Step to Ace Your Interview

    Behavioral Interview Workshop

    TBA aims to provide guidance and holistic insights on behavior interviews to any job-seeking UW student hoping to sharpen their interview skills. We invited back numerous UW alumni as professionals and recruiters, from companies such as Amazon and ByteDance, to share their tips and tricks on behavioral interviews. Our students had an opportunity to learn directly from the guests, ask questions, and connect with the guests professionally. The students practiced interview prompts and networking amongst each other.

    Freshman Networking Night (FNN)

    FNN provides a perfect way to celebrate first-year students' new chapters in their lives. Here, upper-level students share their exciting experiences at UW with the new huskies. We invited upper-level students to discuss academic paths related to business and technologies, as well as study management tips, to give the new huskies a better picture of their lives at UW. Furthermore, TBA helped first-year students network with peers.

    Tech Consulting 101

    Uncovering the Mystery of the Consulting Industry

    We invited four professionals working in the consulting industry, mainly focusing on Tech Consulting, to give a thorough overview of the industry for students who are interested in this field at UW. We aim to provide opportunities for both groups of students - individuals who have a basic understanding and those who are unfamiliar with the industry. By attending this event, students who already have a basic idea are able to develop a more comprehensive understanding, and students that are unfamiliar with the industry are able to discover a new potential career path.

    Your Info Guide

    We invited UW students and professionals majoring in Informatics and Foster-Information Systems as speakers. The current students shared their reflections and experiences to have the students get a broader understanding of the prospective academic and professional life. The professionals introduced the prospects of the two majors based on their career pathways, depicted the skills required in industries, and shared their personal experiences in terms of applying their professional knowledge on their career life.

    2021 International BizTech Forum

    Explore the post-pandemic outlook through the lens of business & tech

    As an annual signature event hosted by TBA and under the circumstances of covid-19, we explored the impact of the pandemic period by inviting guest speakers and students to have great discussions on four aspects: data science, healthcare, investing, and online education. Check out this link to learn more:


    Know Your "Data" Job

    As one of the TBA fall quarter activities, we would like to discover data-related career paths. We invited professionals from data domains to give a full glance at data-related majors and careers. It was a great chance to understand what such careers are working on for students unfamiliar with data science.

    Social Like A Pro 101

    Leverage Networking Skills

    Networking is one of the most critical skills for pursuing any career. Therefore, TBA provided an opportunity to introduce information about networking. We invited upper-level students who have abundant experience in networking to share tips to become a professional.

    2018 TBA Peer Advising

    Get academic advice from upperclassmen

    TBA Peer Advising Program is aimed to provide all students who have major application questions with guidance and assitance from upperclassmen. This program gives participants one-on-one opportunity to get academic or even personal counseling from experienced students. Obtaining valuable advice advantages participants' future undergraduate encounters.

    Research Workshop & Lab Tour

    Learn about Research

    We aim to help UW students who are interested in exploring research. In this workshop, we will tell you the importance of doing research, and the process of applying for research opportunities. Researchers from Machine Learning, Robotics, Informatics and International Studies that we invited will share their amazing experiences. You can also join our Lab Tour to CSE and Robotics Labs. Besides, free egg tarts and milk tea will be provided. Sign up and invite your friends today!

    Major Tea Forum

    You Future is Not Set

    We invited both peer advisors and official advisors from CSE, Business, Informatics, Engineer and Statistic majors to help with any question you may have about major application. We understand that major application can sometime be stressful and disappointing, yet, we think it is a fair game for anyone with passion toward the major. TBA want to accompany you during the process and provide you with the necessary information and connection.

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