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    2018 TBA Peer Advising

    Get academic advice from upperclassmen

    TBA Peer Advising Program is aimed to provide all students who have major application questions with guidance and assitance from upperclassmen. This program gives participants one-on-one opportunity to get academic or even personal counseling from experienced students. Obtaining valuable advice advantages participants' future undergraduate encounters.

    Research Workshop & Lab Tour

    Learn about Research

    We aim to help UW students who are interested in exploring research. In this workshop, we will tell you the importance of doing research, and the process of applying for research opportunities. Researchers from Machine Learning, Robotics, Informatics and International Studies that we invited will share their amazing experiences. You can also join our Lab Tour to CSE and Robotics Labs. Besides, free egg tarts and milk tea will be provided. Sign up and invite your friends today!

    Major Tea Forum

    You Future is Not Set

    We invited both peer advisors and official advisors from CSE, Business, Informatics, Engineer and Statistic majors to help with any question you may have about major application. We understand that major application can sometime be stressful and disappointing, yet, we think it is a fair game for anyone with passion toward the major. TBA want to accompany you during the process and provide you with the necessary information and connection.

  • An overview of our past events!

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